A-League Referees Won’t Alter Demands

FFA could face a crisis

It’s part of their job description that their word is final, so really it’s unsurprising that Australian referees have refused to back down over compensation issues.

The officials are refusing to sign new contracts for this season and are planning to form a Union.

The stubbornness comes despite the FFA’s offer of a 20 % increase in match fees.

The men in black are demanding to be paid for training and also want more assistance when it comes to football related injuries.

All 48 referees have a week in which to sign the contracts, if a decision cannot be reached the start of the A -League campaign could be left in the lurch.

Should the referees form a Union, to avoid contravening FIFA rules that Union must fall under the control of the FFA,

Speaking to Goal Australia FFA Director of Referees Ben Wilson said: ” FFA is committed to lifting the professionalism of referees in Australia at all levels and this year has backed this up with a significant 20 percent increase to referee match payments.

“While work is continuing behind-the-scenes to ensure a high professional standard is met by our referees this must occur pragmatically, with budgets, structures, education and development leading the process along while continuing to follow FIFA statutes.

Should the Referees refuse the FFA’s offer, then there are three main options for the custodians of Australian football.

Postpone the start of the A-League until an agreement is reached, Import officials from another part of the world to take charge of games or promote amateur Referees to A-League standard.

At the moment it is unclear which direction the FFA would take should the situation arise.


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