Bhutia : Not all Clubs are Against IMG-R

United Sikkim owner backs the  new tournament

Former Indian Captain now club owner Bhaichung Bhutia believes that although several I-League clubs have expressed about their disapproval over the new IMG-R Tournament, the notion of a united front against the leagues commercial partners is far from the truth.

Speaking to Goal India he gave some insight into the process behind the decision making,

” I don’t think amongst the I-League clubs, everybody is against it. I have been into the meetings as well. Yes, there are one or two I-League clubs that call the shots. It is very unfair.

“In the I-League Clubs Association (IPFCA) meet, we don’t have the real owners coming in and meeting. We don’t have the Dempos ( Dempo SC) and the Alemaos( Churchill Brothers) coming. So it is represented by few people who I think have got very limited knowledge sometimes.”

Bhutia went on to say that the whole of Indian football could suffer if the new tournament isn’t supported properly.

“I think the clubs have to realise that there are a few people who are making those decisions in the clubs association. They have to realise that the new tournament is for the betterment of Indian football.

“If the I-League continues this way, everybody is going to struggle which we have already seen in the case of the Mahindras and JCT.”


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