(Image) Mad Seattle Sounders Fan Gets Clint Dempsey Neck Tattoo, Is Predictably Awful

Is this the worst Dempsey tattoo of all time? Is there even another one in existence?

Tattoos of your team are nothing new for die-hard fans. Hell, even tattoos of players are becoming more and more common.

That being said, it may still come as a bit of a shock to some to see that Seattle Sounders fan Lorin Sandretzky has already inked himself with the Sounders’ newest hero Clint Dempsey – on his neck.

‘Big Lo’ claims to be the biggest sports fan in all of Seattle. Apparently people must not have been content to settle for his word on the matter, as well as his business cards stating the fact. Now, with a tattoo of Dempsey’s face on his neck, who could deny him his title?

Of course if you knew Big Lo personally all of this may not be much of a surprise – he already has a tattoo of Seattle Sounders starting pitcher Felix Hernandez on his arm. Could it possibly be as hilariously bad as his most recent addition though?

Roll up, roll up, and look on in slack-jawed shock at the most incredulous sight in all the North West:

Clint Dempsey neck tattoo

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