Trying to Get Into MLS? MLS 12th Man Will Help You Pick A Team

The clever folks over at SBNation have devised a questionnaire that will tell you your perfect MLS match.

The USA are ranked inside the FIFA top 20 again for the first time in two years. Clint Dempsey has left the fifth best team in England for the Seattle Sounders. A third tier match in Orlando outsold a Championship game.

In case you hadn’t noticed, football in America is on the up. In fact you could wager good money that in decades to come footballing historians will look back to this 2013 season as a true tipping point in the explosion of US soccer – it’s truly an exciting time to be a fan of the American game.

With all of the attention MLS has been receiving recently from outside sources, it is only right that everyone should have a team to support. It can be tricky starting to follow a new league when you know nothing about it, and supporting a team can give you something to get truly invested in.

You might not even be based outside of the US – who is an MLS fan from Chicago to support? Or Memphis?

It’s a good thing that have created 12th Man – a quick and fun questionnaire to match you up with an MLS team that’s perfect for you.

Commendations to them for helping those interested get into a fantastic league. If you’d like to have a go yourself, click here

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