(Video) Portland Timbers Release an ‘Ode to the Community’

Something different to the usual, ‘Win or Die Trying’ is a beautifully directed video for the fans, starring the Timbers’ biggest names.

Football and art often collide on the pitch. Many an eloquent metaphor and fantastical simile is tossed around when discussing what we call ‘the beautiful game’.

It is wonderfully refreshing, therefore, that the Portland Timbers have tried to capture some of that beauty with their video ‘Win or Die Trying’.

Simply described on the official club site as an ‘ode to the community’, the video should prove captivating for fans of all teams, not just the Timbers.

The video features an original soundtrack and stars some of the team’s biggest players, and takes a creative and provocative look at matchday in Portland. Enjoy it here:

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