Chelsea Boss Jose Mourinho Claims He Is Back To Fix His ‘Broken Family’

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The Special One looking to sweep up the pieces left by predecessors.

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Returning Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said that he is looking to put Chelsea back together again after a tempestuous campaign that saw the club divided under two separate managers, the Daily Mail reports.

The club was thrust into Civil War in November when popular choice Roberto Di Matteo was sacked and replaced by former Liverpool man Rafa Benitez. Fans, understandably were not happy, and there were rumours coming from those connected with the club that a number of the side’s senior players were not happy with his appointment either, and despite winning the Europa League, he never managed to get the full support of everyone at Stamford Bridge.

This prompted Roman Abramovich to get in touch with Jose Mourinho, who jumped at the chance to return for a second time around, and this time he has come with a very specific mission.

“I want them to be with us as a Blue family – a Blue family that last year, at certain moments, looked like it was broken,” he said.

“I just want to put the family back together so I want them to support us all.

“I want the players to be supported, I want them to support Chelsea.

“I want them to be with us in good moments and bad moments, in cold weather and sunny weather, at home and away, when we are winning and losing.

“Losing’ is not normally a Mourinho word, not something he likes to contemplate.

Many have questioned Mourinho’s decision to go back to the club after several years away with the likes of Inter Milan and Real Madrid, but he has insisted that his legacy will remain in tact, whatever happens.

“No I don’t think I’m risking my legacy here,” he added.

“What you did, you did. No one can delete it, no one can take away my history at Chelsea.

“And I know the Chelsea mentality. They will never forget what I did before. They will never forget that I gave everything to this club.

“I want to be seen as a new manager of Chelsea, I want to be analysed for what I do now.

“I want to work here and be loved for what I do now.

“My career is very rich. I have won lots of things in different places. Every competition I wanted to win, I did it.

“So I don’t feel that pressure that a manager without a big CV would feel. The only pressure I feel is the pressure of fighting for my own club.

“Because being the manager of Chelsea means more than being the manager of any other club.

“Not because of what I did, not because of the pressure to succeed again. But because I always want Chelsea to win – even in the last five years with 10 different managers. Now I’m here, I can do something I couldn’t do for the last five years – help Chelsea win. That’s the only pressure I feel.”

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