AIFF Director: Club Run Academies Are The Way Forward

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Clubs need to step up

With the news that Sporting De Goa have started an Academy of their own, AIFF Director of Academies Scott O Donell feels Indian football is moving forward.

O Donell has been calling for Indian clubs to follow in the footsteps of the European Giants and create their own Centres of Excellence.

Rather than relying on the FA institutions, as currently happens in India.

Speaking to Goal India the former Cambodia manager feels that club run Academies will do much to improve the state of Indian Football.

“This has to be the way forward. I know a couple of clubs who have got their academy – Pune FC, I know for one – but this is a great initiative.

“I was rather surprised to see the quality of the field. Wim [Koevermans] had told me it was good, but I didn’t expect it to be so good. It’s great for the club and it’s also good for football.

“Facilities is one of the things, because we’re trying to coach our elite players and we need good grounds to do that on.

“But also the structure in terms of the education and qualification of the coaches is important.”



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