Brendan Rodgers Explains How Liverpool Have Managed To Keep Steven Gerrard Injury Free

Veteran midfield player currently enjoying his longest run in the team for years due to special training regime.

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Liverpool head coach Brendan Rodgers has revealed just what lengths the Merseyside giants have to go to in order to keep inspirational captain Steven Gerrard fit, according to reports in the Daily Mail.

The ever-green England international reached the grand old age of 33 at the end of May and in July, Gerrard put pen to paper on a new one-year contract that will now keep the midfield player at Anfield until the summer of 2015.

And ever since the Northern Irishman took over from previous Reds manager Kenny Dalglish in June 2012, Gerrard has enjoyed a remarkable injury-free run in the team that contrasts sharply with his previous few years at the club.

In fact, last season under Rodgers’ s careful handling, Gerrard played in an incredible 36 Premier League matches for Liverpool, the most that he had ever featured in since the 2006/07 campaign.

And what is more, the Englishman would have played in all 38 top-flight contests had Rodgers not opted to rest his skipper for the final two league games of the season, in order to protect a long-standing shoulder problem with nothing resting on the outcome of those last matches.

“You need to analyse the person, what age he is at and the body type he is,” said Rodgers. “One of the biggest things in our method of work is the recovery method.

“Stevie for example plays on the Saturday, recovers on the Sunday doing pulls, stretch and massage, on the Tuesday recovers further with maybe a light jog. It’s a long load of low intensity recovery.

“You saw that before the international break when Stevie was fit enough to play Saturday, Tuesday (in the League Cup) and Sunday. We have individual plans for every player.

“The numbers have shown since we have come here that the methodology of our work physically, technically and tactically helps them on game day.

“They have bought into that and it’s something they enjoy. As a manager it’s your job to orchestrate and oversee that, that’s why when I came in here I needed to bring my own people in as they know exactly what I think in terms of the whole holistic approach to the players.”