Australian Football Association Ready to Sue FIFA Over 2022 Qatar ‘Winter’ World Cup Bid

Sepp Blatter may have to re-think stance on moving tournament from summer to winter.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, and somewhat belatedly, one of the unsuccessful bidders in pursuit of hosting rights to the 2022 FIFA World Cup is ready to sue the organization in relation to the growing speculation that the competition could be moved from summer to winter according to the BBC.

Australia’s soccer chief Frank Lowy will reportedly demand compensation should such a decision be made, citing the fact that the bidding process that his nation, and others, followed was for a summer competition and not a winter one.

Lowy stated;

“Australia invested heavily in the World Cup process,”

“Since December 2010, Australia has been careful not to let its misgivings about the process be interpreted as sour grapes.

“But now, with increasing speculation about a change that will impact on us as one of the bidding nations, and because our competition will be affected, we have made our position public.”

Such a move could well also lead to Japan, South Korea and the United States, who also tendered bids for the 2022 World Cup, to do likewise and may well lead to a long legal, and financial, headache for FIFA which could in turn lead to Sepp Blatter and co. re-thinking their stance on the possibility of moving the Qatar 2022 tournament to another time-frame.