‘Sponsored Video: FIFA 14 Review – The Best Just Got Better

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EA Sports are back with their latest version of  Football’s biggest video game.

The world’s biggest football game is back again with its latest incarnation and is now more star driven than ever.

Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandowski, Gareth Bale, and weirdly enough, Drake (we bet he’s rubbish!) all team up to take you across the globe for the FIFA World Tour.

Armed with even slicker graphics and a neat, more realistic game engine, the fellas at EA Sports have added new dimensions to make the all round environment more immersive.

This is mostly down to the improved ‘Global Scouting Network’, which allows you to manage an entire team of, y’know…scouts, to find bargains and boy wonders based on your needs. It’s really nothing that those familiar with the Football Manager series (and let’s face it, that’s probably all of you) won’t be able to get the hang of.

Gareth Bale will teach you how to shoot in a car park, Lewandowski will condemn you in court and Stephan El-Shawary will just be there, make sure you are too.

FIFA 14 was released on September 27th and is now available on all platforms

This post is sponsored by EA but all thoughts are our own

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