Arsenal Striker Nicklas Bendtner Insists He’s A Changed Man

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Outcast Dane ready to take his chance.

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Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner has insisted that he never labelled himself as the best footballer in the world, but is a changed man from the cocky youngster he used to be and is now ready to take his chance at the Emirates, according to the Daily Mail.

The big Dane has often found himself the subject of much ridicule after apparently making the comments three years ago but has recently found himself reintegrated back into the Gunners first team after two seasons out on loan with Sunderland and Juventus.

Bendtner made his first league appearance for the club against West Bromwich Albion last weekend and has said that he is ready to knuckle down and show what he really can do in a red and white shirt.

“I basically said that I think that anybody who plays football in the world would love to be the best. I think that’s a normal statement and that got [changed] to me saying that I was the best player in the world,” he told Arsenal Player.

“I don’t know where that came from. I still listen to it now and again and still see it. If people want to believe that, then that’s that.”

He revealed that becoming a father for the first time, coupled with the experiences he gained during his time away from the club have shaped him as a person and made him more focussed.

“First of all I had a baby, which changed me a lot. I think a lot of people say that you have babies and they change you but for me I could really feel a big difference to my life.

“Being abroad showed me a lot of different things and different aspects of how to live and how to cope with problems and things like that. I think that has given me a lot more as a man.”

“If people don’t like me, that’s fair enough,” he added. “If people can’t accept that sometimes you’re young and make mistakes and move on, that’s not up to me.

“I try to do my best and that’s basically all I can do for my family and my friends and everyone around the club.”

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