2014 World Cup Draw: Possible Groups of Death

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Four possible outcomes for the fabled ‘Group of Death’ at the 2014 World Cup.With the draw for the 2014 World Cup upon us news sources everywhere are pontificating over England’s best and worst possible outcome as well as running virtual simulations over who might go on to win the whole thing.

And with every group draw comes the inevitable anticipation for who will be drawn in the Group of Death, which four teams will have to struggle in every match and bring their A-game just to get out of the group. We have had a little think about that and this is what we’ve come up with…

Scenario 1

Brazil, Ivory Coast, Mexico, France

Scenario 2

Spain, Chile, USA, Holland

Scenario 3

Germany, Ghana, Japan, Portugal

Scenario 4

Argentina, Cameroon, South Korea, Italy

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