The 35 funniest, most stupidly brilliant 5-a-side team names ever!

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Here’s a collection of some of the greatest ‘5-a-side’ football team names ever conjured…

Check out the 35 and pick your favourite!

Special Olympiakos

Chamakh My Bitch Up

Murder on Zidane’s Floor

The Passion of the Cruyff

AC a little silhouette of Milan

Real Sociopaths


The Fashion Pulis


Mark-o Pirlo

Borussia Glad-to-be-Bach

Riise’s Pieces

No Hablo Espanyol

Osasuna Or Later

Remember the Zlatans

Borussia Teeth

Haven’t a Kalou

Dyslexia Untied

2 goals 1 cup

Exeter Quickly

Friggin Athletic

Ivory Toast

Expected Toulouse

Sevilla Foot Cramps

Real Ale Madrid

Dynamo Bikelights

Brian Munich

Benteke Fried Chicken

Club Tropicana Drinks FC

Substandard Liege

Nice to Michu

Cunning Stunts

Deportivo Lacka Talent


Obe-One Kanobi-Nil