(Picture) Barcelona Fan Claims He Was Battered By Police During Copa Del Rey Final

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Barca fan alludes to police brutality.

A Barcelona season ticket holder by the name of Rafael Martin has claimed that he was unlawfully beaten by police during his side’s Copa Del Rey final encounter with Real Madrid this week.

Martin claims that he was held in a cell in Valencia overnight when he failed to show ID to a policeman, and once inside the cell he says that he was subjected to beatings by eight different officers.

“In the middle of the match I went to the toilet, when I was met by eight policeman as I climbed the stairs,” he said.

“Without saying anything one of them grabbed me by the neck and screamed ‘You’ll find out, Catalan shit.’

“Immediately I started getting punched in the face and on my whole body. They took me to a police van where I could feel one hand holding my neck. I was being choked and I thought they might kill me

“I was handcuffed, not read me my rights, before I was taken to the police station and then to a hospital because I asked to make a medical report.

“I spent the night in jail and in the morning I was released without bail, accused of refusing to show my ID.”




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