Football Sticker Collections

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Many football fanatics grew up with one aim and one aim only, to complete the Merlin Premier League Sticker Book Album.

Collecting all of the stickers is quite an accomplishment and many football fans of the current generation have childhood memories filled with these infamous football stickers. Many of us can recall the days that we would trade and switch our stickers with other kids in order to achieve the ones that were missing in our collection while secretly envying that one kid who had the complete album of the Merlin Premier League Sticker Book.

One of the main aspects to this sticker collecting franchise was stumbling upon the all-important and rare ‘shiny’. These were to be cherished and never traded (unless you were lucky enough to have two of the same shiny sticker) and were one of the most popular aspects to collecting the Merlin Premier League stickers.

If you were or are still working on finishing your Merlin Premier League sticker collection, you can easily check off what you might still need on It’s a great way to get your collection in order and to find out what stickers you have got and what ones you still need to find.

Having a completed Premier League sticker album in your possession is a very rare thing and can even be bought or sold at a good price. Fans on eBay often sell their completed albums to other football fans. Selling your completed sticker collection via online or from other sources can make you good money.

Most kids back in the day when collecting stickers was ‘cool’ never got around to completing their Merlin Premier League sticker book albums which is why a full album has become extremely rare today. However, there is a way in which you can easily print off any football sticker you need on InstantPrint. This will allow you to finally complete you sticker collection that you started as a kid or even if you are just beginning your football sticker adventure today. InstantPrint is reliable and easy to use, it’s perfect if you just can’t seem to find your missing stickers anywhere.

You can have them sent through your letter box in no time at all and you can finally sit back and enjoy your fully completed football sticker album. However, today’s kids seemed to have moved on from collecting football stickers and onto building their ultimate team on Fifa, one of the most popular video games in the world.