Liverpool 13 Point FA Penalty: Why Talk of Punishment Is Mindless and Totally Without Merit

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Talk of Anfield side being docked points is a mere fantasy borne out of ill advised hearsay.

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There has been growing talk of a possible push to have Liverpool punished by the FA in relation to Arsenal’s unsuccessful attempt to land striker Luis Suarez last summer, it’s talk that appears to emanate from this story from the Give Me Sport website.

The general gist of the piece, and it’s fairly mindless to say the least, surrounds the alleged refusal of Liverpool’s principal owner John W. Henry to sanction a deal that would see Uruguayan international Suarez to move to the Emirates Stadium.

The allegation made by this source was that despite there being a ‘clause’ allowing Suarez to join Arsenal in a deal that was registered at £40m and £1 Henry refused to reveal this and as such the north London club’s chase for the former Ajax man was as good as over.

Henry has since ‘playfully’ discussed the matter and may or may not have refused to tell the chasing north London club that they had indeed triggered Suarez’s clause.

The writer of the article in question then takes this information and asserts that Liverpool should be docked 13 points, that being the total number of points accrued directly by the goals scored by Suarez, an assertion that is as absurd as it is baseless.

The author of said piece then labels Liverpool as ‘cheaters’ before calmly furthering that Suarez should be suspended for what remains of the season and then sold to Arsenal.

It’s worth noting, most importantly, that the author has no knowledge of the contract in question and has in all likelihood not been privy to the contact between Arsenal and Liverpool.

Indeed the ‘clause’ in question could, as has been stated on numerous occasions, simply have been a clause that allows Suarez to enter into talks with an interested club though not necessarily one that allows a deal to instantly occur.

Dare we say that such an argument, albeit a hollow one at that, could have been applied to countless other ‘deals’ that didn’t take place and one wonders if the writer does indeed have an axe to grind when it comes to Liverpool Football Club.

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