Sepp Blatter Admits Awarding Qatar 2022 World Cup Was a Mistake

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FIFA president’s comments give renewed hope to original bidders for 2022 event.

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FIFA president Sepp Blatter has openly admitted that awarding the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was a ‘mistake’ according to the Daily Mirror.

Such an admission may well lead some to believe that football’s world governing body may be ready to change their mind on the decision, chiefly as the campaign to move the tournament from summer to winter has led to a wealth of criticism from those within the game.

On the subject of the awarding of hosting rights to Qatar Blatter was pressed as to whether such a decision was an error and he stated;

“Yes, of course,”

“You know, everyone makes mistakes in life.”

With the prospect of moving the tournament to winter getting short shrift there may be a move to put the competition back out to a fresh tendering process which would open the door to Australia, the USA, South Korea and Japan, who’s bids were unsuccessful the first time around, to re-bid for the event.

Blatter went on to discuss the matter in depth;

“I’ve been to Qatar in the winter and the weather is perfect for playing and watching football – like a nice summer’s day in the UK.

“The stadiums I visited looked well up to hosting international matches and that was before they are refurbished.

“Given’s Qatar’s almost immeasurable wealth, I would not doubt the infrastructure will be in place.

“But as anyone who has been to the region in the summer will tell you, it’s insane to contemplate playing or watching football. It’s so hot you think your fillings will melt.”

Worryingly, though not surprisingly, Blatter’s concerns made no reference to the shocking number of deaths that have resulted in Qatar’s bid to build, and improve, the country’s stadia.

Thus far 964 migrant workers have died in Qatar, a figure that is only going to increase as the process to make the stadiums ready for the 2022 tournament nears.

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