Samsung Release Awesome ‘I See Your Dreams’ Film

With one of the greatest football events less than two weeks away, the good people at Samsung have collaborated with a children’s choir to produce a brilliant video that outlines everything we love about the beautiful game.

The multiracial South African based “Drakensburg Boys Choir” sing the beautiful backing track ‘I See Your Dreams’, which was made especially by Samsung for the short film ahead of the summer’s major tournament.

The two and a half minute clip shows a collection of children from all over the globe playing football in a variety of different settings, including the beach, a concrete township and a green, grassy park, and illustrates the phenomenal impact the world’s most popular sport can have on people of all demographics.

You can watch the superb video here:

The message of the film is clear: Football can bring people – and especially children – of all ethnic, economic and situational backgrounds together in unity, spirit, and most importantly, hope.

Samsung use this tagline with their video, and it encapsulates the positive message they are trying to send out perfectly: “It’s not about where football takes them, it’s about how football lets them dream.”

Some of the best players in the world have come from difficult upbringings, conquering all odds to maximise their talent and make it as world superstars, and their stories can inspire youngsters to realise their goals too.

Football is a universal language, and come June 12th, children from all over the world will be speaking in it!

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