Test Your World Cup Penalty Shootout Knowledge

Football fans will have their celebration pints at the ready now that the 2014 World Cup is finally here. The event is going to be the main spectacle for both players and fans of the World Cup this summer.

When a match ends with equal score once the full 90 minutes have been completed, some games often have to turn to the dreaded penalty shootout to decide the outcome and ultimately the winner of the match.

According to Sportskeeda, one of the most memorable penalty shootouts in World Cup history was in 2006 when Italy and France faced each other as the two finalists. Italy stole the Cup by winning France 2-1 in the penalty shootout. Ladbrokes puts fans footy knowledge to the test with their new “Big Penalty Quiz” which will put your penalty kick knowledge under the microscope to bring to life the nail-biting excitement surrounding this year’s 2014 World Cup.

All football fans can’t resist putting their knowledge of the sport to the ultimate test against a football trivia. This quiz is the answer you have all been waiting for as it allows you to revive the spot-kick memories of some of the best games to go down in history. To play the Ladbrokes Casino ‘Big Penalty Quiz’ you must firstly choose one of three options. You do this by simply clicking on either saved, missed or scored.

This then takes you onto the next stage of the game. The quiz itself is formatted in classic 8 bit styling so that it is simple and easy to navigate.

A point is awarded per every correct answer, therefore racking up your score shouldn’t take too long for the die-hard fans of the World Cup. In total, five questions are loaded at a time with 15 questions in total. Testing your penalty shootout knowledge with this quiz will quickly determine if you have what it takes to be a champion.

The impact the World Cup has on international football is exceptional. It brings the world together in a summer of football excitement and drama. Unfortunately when a World Cup match ends through the heart-breaking penalty shootout, this can be disastrous for both players and fans alike. World Cup penalty heartache was at its peak in 1994 when Robert Baggio missed his shot against Brazil.

Play the “Big Penalty Quiz” by Ladbrokes this season and share your results on Facebook or Twitter to compare against your friends. Find out which of you is truly a penalty shootout genius!

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