Ten Special New Features Of FIFA 2015, Including Ball Spin & Pitch Muddiness

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New game set to be bigger, and better than ever…

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1) The pitch will change appearance throughout the match, with slide tackles leaving the pitch scuffed, and the penalty areas becoming increasingly muddy – especially in rain. 

2) Depending one what part of the foot a player kicks the ball, it will spin differently. 

3) An improved ‘locomotion’ system means players with high skill levels can turn and spin more tightly in difficult areas, and wriggle away from defenders. 

4) New animations include hair movement as players perform actions. For example, David Luiz’s afro will bob and up down as the Brazilian runs! 

5) Crowds will have individual personalities. For example, the River Plate supporters will be particularly boisterous, and the Man. City faithful will do the Poznan when their side score! 

6) A player’s muscularity will be noted in the animation. Instead of lifeless, standard torsos, the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Hulk will be visibly ‘ripped’. 

7) Players will be able to find space more intelligently, enabling greater opportunity for through-balls and clever passes. 

8) Tackling percentage on FIFA 14 was roughly 50%. On the new version, it will become more realistic to real life, and sit at around 70%. 

9) Computer opponents now take the state of the match into context when deciding on the tactics they use against real life opponents. 

10) Players have visible emotions on the pitch depending on the situation of the match. A player performing well will strut, and look happy, while a player riled up by vicious tackling will look frustrated, and possibly mope around the field!