(Video) Blackburn Rovers Release Cringe Worthy Campaign For New Home Kit

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Rovers take a novel approach to brand marketing.

Most clubs would just use to current player to advertise their new home shirt, or failing that someone who closely resembles a model.

Not Blackburn Rovers, though! They used a fan called Birdy instead.

The video, entitled #birdysdate, sees Rovers-mad fan Alan “Birdy” Birkbeck preparing for a meeting with a female Blackburn fan.

The sweaty-faced Lancashire-man spruces himself up and puts on a gaudy shirt, but instead of heading for a romantic restaurant, he heads to the club’s superstore instead.

The ad has already whipped up quite a storm online, mostly because it’s so bad, and the responses have been almost unprintable.

If you want to cringe, and cringe heavily, scroll down to the video below.

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