Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers Wants To Spend Big This Summer After Selling Luis Suarez

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Northern Irishman wants to spend £100 million transfer budget wisely though.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is keen on spending big to land at least eight new recruits at Liverpool this summer, but he has not laid a particular emphasis on buying star names.

After having lost a superstar in Luis Suarez, Rodgers reckons that he must spend the £75 million made from his sale to strengthen the overall core of the squad.

The Northern Irishman wants a big squad next season as the Reds prepare for the Champions League, and believes that the players he has already signed would play a big part this season.

“They are all big signings for us because they will all make a big contribution,” Rodgers was quoted by the Telegraph.

“Maybe for the media there is guessing how we spend the money but you only spend the money if the players are there. What we can’t do is spend for the sake of it.

“The players we’ve brought in are players we wanted anyway. Our signings are strategic. They are not just names. They all fit into the purpose of the team, but of course we want them to make a contribution.

“If that means we do not spend all the money or the net spend is the same, then so be it.”

Rodgers reckons that the onus is on Liverpool to make sure that the money they have is spent wisely and with purpose and seems to be well aware of the risks of spending badly, like their rivals Tottenham Hotspur did with Gareth Bale’s transfer money last summer.

However, it remains to be seen whether Liverpool can compete at the top end of the Premier League following Suarez’s move to Barcelona without signing marquee players, who could prove to be the difference between Champions League sides and Europa League sides in the Premier League.

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