Seven Strange Facts Man United Fans Should Know About Radamel Falcao

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Did you know that Falcao has his own iPhone app, called ‘Falcao vs Aliens’?!

The Daily Mail has published seven interesting facts about Manchester United’s new signing Radamel Falcao.

Here they are!

1 Falcao was named after Brazilian football legend ‘Falcao’, who starred in the 1982 World Cup. 

2 The superstar striker made his debut in 1999 for Lanceros Boyaca in the second tier of Colombian football, ages just 13!

3 Falcao has a one year old daughter with his Argentine singer wife Lorelei Taron. 

4 Falcao’s father Radamel Garcia was a professional football in his native Colombia in the 1980s. 

5 Falcao is a devbout Christian, and met his wife in a church in Buenos Aires. 

6 Monts d’Or Azergues defender Soner Ertek was sent death threats by Colombians after he injured Falcao last season, keeping the striker out of the World Cup. 

7 ‘Falcao vs Aliens’  is a genuine computer game, in which the striker has to fend off an extra-terrestrial invasion by scoring goals! 


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