England Boss Roy Hodgson: I Swear All The Time

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National team coach unhappy at attitude towards expletive driven rant.

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England boss Roy Hodgson has moved to respond to the backlash resulting from his foul mouthed tirade against criticism over his side’s limp display against Norway earlier this week by stating that he swears all the time according to Goal.com.

The 67 year old national team coach took offence at a journalist who pointed out that England managed just two shots on target against Norway responding that such a statement was “absolute f****** b*******”.

Hodgson has opted to defend his use of foul language by stating that this was commonplace;

“I swear all the time. I swear in front of my wife – I never used to when I was a kid but I do now, so there you go,” he said. “It’s 2014. People swear – and I swear.

“What sort of world are we living in? You are scraping the bottom of a barrel to say something negative from me swearing.

Roy Hodgson snaps at journalists following England display against Norway

“I’m a football coach. I played in the non-League with dockers whose every other word was a swear word. They didn’t even know they were swearing because they didn’t know any other words.

“If you asked me why, I couldn’t tell you. I think my vocabulary is good enough to allow me not to do it.”

“I just thought I was with mature enough people to understand that a swear word, which I thought was probably used at the right time, should not provoke a fit of moral indignation.

“I will put the message forward quite strongly, even a little bit aggressively sometimes.

“But there was no need for me to be upset and there was no ill feeling. The pressure is the pressure in this job. I don’t know I can feel more pressure than I put myself under.

“The pressure sometimes unfortunately will come from outside and there is not so much you can do about it.”

Perhaps Hodgson has a point. Clearly we live in a world where swearing is commonplace, especially within earshot of a football stadium, but in many ways the argument over the language used by the veteran coach does take the heat off the issue that provoked his angry response.

England’s inability to carve out openings against a very average Norway side, coming after a poor World Cup showing over the summer, is clearly a much bigger problem than Hodgson’s willingness to reach for profanities as a form of protection from understandable criticism.

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