(Video) Zlatan Ibrahimovic Demands 40 Match Ban Following David Alaba Elbow Incident

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Swedish international jokes following Euro 2016 clash.

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PSG star Zlatan Ibrahimovic was in jovial mood following Sweden’s draw in Austria, demanding that he be handed a 40 match ban for elbowing Bayern Munich youngster David Alaba.

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On the subject of his altercation with the full-back the veteran forward joked;

“He [Alaba] goes into me twice and the third time I try to shield the ball and he [Alaba] is 1.50m or 1.60m tall and then it’s clear that he’s struck by my elbow,” he told reporters after the game.

“But the referee blew for a free-kick so of course he has got the situation under control.

“But if not, I should get a 40-match ban!”

The video below seems to back up the claim that the incident was purely incidental.

Alaba on the other hand is not convinced.

“It was a red card for me,” the defender stated. “The referee was scared of Zlatan.”

Of course he’s scared of Zlatan…everyone is scared of Zlatan!

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