Mario Balotelli Has Sex Marathon With Hairdresser Emma Dalton: Smitten Liverpool Fan Told Three Hour Romp Helps His Football Game

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Anfield striker beds complete stranger, story ends up in the Sunday tabloids, quell surprise

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It’s a story as old as time.

Famous footballer invites female acquaintance to party at his luxurious pad, female then asked to leave in the dead of night which in turn leads to an inevitable story appearing in the tabloids.

Emily Dalton, a smitten Liverpool fan and hairdresser, leads us through the story…

“I know he has a reputation but I thought he’d changed from the things I’d read.

“He was charming and as far as I know single so I thought, ‘Why not?’ Now I feel stupid,

“I should never have gone to his house but what’s done is done. He was only interested in one thing from me and then wanted me out of the way.”

By all accounts Mario Balotelli, who is of course well versed in this game, stated that sex marathons with complete strangers help his football game. Clearly this was the icing on the proverbial cake.

Emily’s friend also has some pearls of wisdom on the matter;

“Emma told me that when Balotelli did enter the room he was very charming. He certainly wasn’t shy and greeted her with a kiss.

“She said he was drinking red wine and smoking, which the all the girls thought was a bit surprising considering he’s a footballer.

“There was a large open plan area and they were all sitting around chatting and drinking. Then they had a pasta meal delivered to the house.”

The friend, again inevitable adding;

‘Before long’, the pal said, Emma was in his bed. But it was far from romantic.

“She said he told her, ‘This is nice. It helps my football’,”

Well judging by Mario’s performance against Aston Villa we’d be tempted to suggest otherwise…

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