What can we expect from FIFA 15 this September?

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2015 marks the launch of football games for the next gen consoles. FIFA 15 is widely expected to build on the strong foothold it has on the football game market, with improved gameplay and realism like we’ve never seen before in a football title.

Whilst we haven’t yet had our hands on the game, EA have been more than open about what to expect with their latest offering.


The first thing you’ll notice in FIFA 15 is the visuals. The player modelling has been rehauled, and as a result the players have never looked so real. The new lighting system and environment features have also seen a lot of work and subsequently the whole game looks and feels great.


FIFA 15 is all about realism, and the environmental changes that occur reflect this. The pitch gradually gets more weathered as the game goes on, with slide tackles and boots damaging the pitch throughout the game.

The realism doesn’t stop on a superficial level either, players now have what EA like to call “emotional intelligence”, whereby players react directly to pivotal events in game such as bad tackles, great goals and gut wrenching misses. This adds another level of realism to the game and is likely to be quite powerful.

Team Tactics

AI has been massively improved, with players doing a lot more for you in game than you would expect. As a result, the game feels more responsive and flows a great deal more smoothly and realistically. The “emotional intelligence” really is likely to take the idea of the team to a new level. Instead of individual players just being attackers or defenders they will respond to how the team is playing out. This in a way adds character to each team member.


According to EA, the player movement system has been changed in a way that may take some adjustment for traditional football gamers, in that players no longer work on a linear basis. This means movements are a lot more organic, making for more outrageous play and stunning dribbles. The realism is further developed through the modelling of key players and the way in which they run with the ball, taking into account their footedness.

Set Pieces

Set pieces have gradually been getting more developed, with FIFA 15 doing a great job at allowing for more game dynamics. You can now control set pieces with commands more than ever before, which will make battling your opponents that more challenging.

Overall we can’t wait to get our hands on this – if everything goes to plan this could be one of the most polished games we’re yet to see. This is about as close to a real football game you are going to get without leaving the building or touching a football! The game will be available from the 26/09/2104 and is available to pre order on the official website, exclusive pre order pack available at GAME, and Amazon.

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