What?! Ghana’s 2014 World Cup Campaign To Be Recreated In Hollywood Film Starring Dwayne Johnson

Ghana’s World Cup 2014 cash row set to be made into Hollywood blockbuster…

The story of Ghana’s ill-fated 2014 World Cup campaign, which ended in a still ongoing row over unpaid player wages, will be made into a Hollywood film, with WWE wrestler Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson among the candidates for a leading role.

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Reports in the Metro explain that the unpaid bonuses row almost caused Ghana’s players to nearly boycott their World Cup match against Portugal, with the Black Stars squad even refusing to train.

The team’s actions resulted in Ghana’s government being forced to send more than £1.8m in cash by plane on the eve of the decisive match, which their side lost 2-1, ensuring their elimination from the tournament in Brazil.

Players supposedly kept their money in backpacks during the game, and the incident has now captured the imaginations of Hollywood film makers after US production company, Bugeater Films, hired screenwriter Darryl Wharton-Rigby to write a screenplay for the movie.

“Football and the players needing the money is kind of the backdrop to the story,’ Wharton-Rigby said.

“But it’s really about the journey of the guy who actually is entrusted to deliver the money and what happens if he doesn’t get it there in time. I actually want the guy who’s the hero of the story to be from Ghana. I think there should be a hero who is African telling the story.”

On who could potentially play the lead role, he added: “I saw footage of the police cars taking the money on the highway and you can just see that scene playing out in your mind with someone like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as the guy having to save the day.”

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