Fascinating Stats Comparison: Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo Aged 19 Versus Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling

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Raheem Sterling comes out quite well

Raheem Sterling has been making quite an impact at Liverpool this season, with the wonderkid becoming a key part of Brendan Rodgers’ team.

Another player who had a big impact from a young age is Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, who has since gone on to become one of the best footballers in the world…

When you compare their stats (courtesy of the Daily Mail) after they’d played the same number of Premier League games – it seems like Sterling could end up being just as good…

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By the time Ronaldo had 68 Premier League appearances he had scored nine goals. In the same amount of games Sterling has 14. Quite impressive from the young Englishman.

Shot conversion rate

The Englishman wins again here. The Real Madrid superstar had a conversion rate of 6% in his more wasteful younger days, while Sterling currently converts 19.4% of his chances.

Assists and chances created

Again the Jamaican-born whizzkid comes out on top. Sterling has nine assists while creating 112 chances, while the Portuguese had created eight goals and 90 chances when the the pair had played the same amount of games.

Dribbles completed

Finally we get to a stat where the Real Madrid no. 7 is ahead of his Liverpool counterpart. The former Manchester United player had completed 182 dribbles compared to Sterling’s current 165 – but the difference is pretty marginal!

Win percentage

The Madeira born winger has the better record here with a winning 58.8% of his matches after 68 Premier League games to the England international’s 55.9%. However this might be more down to Sterling’s teammates at Liverpool not quite being as good as Ronaldo’s were at Manchester United.

On the whole, it looks like Raheem and Cristiano could well be two peas in a pod. However, what Ronaldo had done since the age of 20 is what has defined him. If Sterling can get anywhere near to that, then he will become a genuine world-beater.

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