Toronto FC: “Defoe’s Mother Too Influential Over Player”

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Some boys never grow up, even if they earn thousands of pounds a day…

Defoe’s MLS journey has been anything but smooth, but it could be about to get a lot rockier.

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A story in Canada this morning suggests Toronto did not heed the warnings of certain people when they signed the former England international, and they are now regretting it.

The Canadian side have never made it to the MLS post season in their eight years of existence, and were desperate to provide fresh impetus, hence Defoe’s arrival. He enjoyed a blistering start, smashing in eleven goals before the season’s mid-point, but things started to unravel after a groin injury.

His mum reportedly made her son fly back to the UK for treatment, attempting to broker a move to several London clubs for Defoe while he was there.

She almost succeeded – “We agreed to player terms (with Defoe) but his club didn’t want to let him go. At the last moment, they were umming and ahhing,” QPR owner Tony Fernandes revealed to Sky News hours after the summer transfer window closed.

Defoe is now no longer interested in Toronto, and their are doubts around the veracity of his current injury. Multiple well-placed sources claim that if Saturday’s match mattered, Defoe would likely be healthy enough to participate.

His mum probably has him in bed with a Lemsip while she tries to engineer another move for her son.

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