Brazilian Club Corinthians Set To Build Graveyard Next To Stadium To Offer Eternal Support

Brazilian football club Corinthians are set to offer their supporters the chance to keep supporting their club after death by building a 70,000 plot graveyard next to the stadium…

Corinthians football club in Brazil are giving their fans a chance to go on supporting their club in the afterlife by building a graveyard right next to their stadium in Sao Paolo, reports the BBC.

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The graveyard will have 70,000 plots available, so fans can go on worshipping their favourite players and the club they play for long after death.

A number of Corinthians’ legendary players will also be put to rest in the “Corinthians forever” cemetery, but with so many plots there is sure to be plenty of space.

The club have around 25 million supporters spread across Brazil, and many of them will be sure to want a spot. T

he plots will cost between 4,500 and 7,800 reais (roughly between £1,147 and £1,988) with prices varying depending on areas of the cemetery and proximity to club legends.

There are very few clubs that offer such a service, with Boca Juniors in Argentina and Schalke 04 in Germany two such teams.

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