Chelsea Fans Rejoice As Jose Mourinho Plans for 20 More Years as Top Level Manager

The Chelsea boss is keen to continue managing for as long as his physical health allows him to.

Chelsea fans are celebrating today after Jose Mourinho revealed that he’s intending to stay in management till he’s in his 70s.

Fans of other clubs will be disappointed to hear that Mourinho, who has repeatedly told the media he is happy at Chelsea and will stay until he is sacked, is intending to stick around for the long-run.

The Portuguese manager, 51, discussed his long term future in his press conference ahead of today’s game against QPR.

“I want to work, 15 or 20 more years at the top. When you reach the top, you want to stay at the top. That’s normal,” he told the Daily Mirror. But even if Chelsea don’t want to keep him, he will carry on at a lower level.

“If, during this time, I do well enough to stay in a top level club, I will. If I don’t do well enough, and my market changes and I only have smaller clubs waiting for me, I will.”

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The idea of Jose Mourinho managing in the Championship or League 1 is quite entertaining. The Chelsea boss’s recent clubs are Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, meaning that for more than a decade he has been at sides which are already near the top of the pyramid in their country.

It would be a real test of the man’s abilities to see him in the legendarily tough Championship, with no money to spend, playing 46 games in some seriously budget stadiums up and down the country.

Perhaps this is the kind of challenge that would appeal to Mourinho – we would certainly get to see how “special” he really is.

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