Football Manager 2015’s Best Unemployed Staff: Free Agent Coaches Who Can Take Your Training To The Next Level Without Compensation

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A list of the best coaches who start as unemployed in FM15, meaning they can be grabbed on the cheap!

Our list of Football Manager’s best coaches gives you the rundown of the finest staff in the game, but many of these top coaches are already at big clubs. This means that not only will you have to buy out their contract at their current club, the coach will also be on decent wages, and want even more to join you.

To avoid this, we’ve compiled this list of the best coaches who start the game unemployed, meaning if you snap them up early, you won’t have to pay over the odds.

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Massimo Neri – 4 stars

Maurice Graef – 4 stars

Fabio Calcaterra – 4 stars

Ivan Carminati – 4 stars

Ze Maria – 4 stars

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