MLS Selling Watered-Down Beer?

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Is the MLS selling stadium goers water-down beer?

That’s the accusation being levelled at American side Seattle Sounders after a local news channel purchased several beers at games, had them tested, and discovered that in every case the samples’ alcohol content were well below the advertised numbers.

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Four of the beers tested showed a difference of more than 0.3 percent, which according to the news company violates federal law.

Here are the figures:

Stella Artois:

5.0% advertised ABV/4.8% tested

Bud Light:

4.2% advertised/3.9% tested

Redhook Brewery No Equal:

5.2% advertised/4.8% tested


5.2% advertised/4.7% tested

Bass Pale Ale:

5.1% advertised/4.5% tested


5.0% advertised/4.4% tested

In their defence, Anheuser-Busch – which makes five of the six tested beers – questioned the data and conducted its own tests, finding no fault.

There is, however, precedent. In 2008 the San Diego Padres baseball side were caught selling watered-down beer directly from Anheuser-Busch and Miller-Coors via special ‘stadium kegs’.

You can make up your own mind who is telling the truth…


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