Football Manager Video Game Potentially Being Added To School Curriculum

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This would go down pretty well amongst school kids..

Video game Football Manager is potentially being added to the school curriculum in North-East Scotland, reports the Metro.

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The computer game could be used in P.E. lessons to help students understand football and the role it plays in society. It would probably also greatly improve the kids’ motivation for classes.

The possible plans were discussed in a meeting on Tuesday with the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education. Surprisingly the idea was not completely dismissed.

Aberdeen Grammar School P.E. teacher Iain Stranger said about the plan, “I know some schools using fantasy role games and others such as Minecraft which have the potential to enhance people’s learning.”

He continued. “I agreed with what was said at the conference with regards to trying to create the same kind of motivation as what some kids have with video games.”

We’re not sure if his support is because he’s just got Wigan in to the Champions League final, or because he believes it would be a good learning tool. Either way this idea would definitely be an alternative way of teaching.