FIFA Corruption Revealed: Russian Officials Bought Platini A Picasso To Help Win 2018 World Cup Bid

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New evidence has come to light regarding corruption in Russia’s World Cup bid. Officials gifting Michel Platini a Picasso painting in exchange for his support…

Michel Platini was was given a Picasso painting by Russian officials to garner support for their 2018 World Cup bid, reports the Mirror.

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New allegations of corruption regarding the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process have emerged, with the House of Commons Culture Media and Sport select committee published new findings.

This latest submission suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin used Sepp Blatter to help lobby for votes, while other Russian officials attempted to enlist the help of Michel Platini by plying him with gifts.

Platini was allegedly given a rare and expensive painting in exchange for his support, believed to be by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.

The submission also claims that England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup included intelligence and information on the bidding process within a number of different countries. This intelligence highlighted the corruption involved, but so far Russia and Qatar have been cleared of all wrongdoing.

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