Opinion: Arsenal’s Civil War Is Hilarious And Ridiculous As Fans Fight Over ‘Wenger Out’ Campaign

Arsenal fans don’t seem to realise polarising themselves is making a mockery of their club.

Arsenal are one of the proudest clubs in the UK. Their list of achievements is the envy of almost everyone and over the years they have been graced by some truly magnificent players. Things have been a little lean lately, but is it enough to cause this civil war that’s been raging amongst the fans this season?

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Despite only winning the FA Cup six months ago, fans have already turned their ire on Wenger the Gunners fall away from the title race.

What turned from grumblings on message boards to discontent in the stands, their protests are now reaching comical levels as seen after the weekend defeat to Stoke.

Stoke have often been a bogey team for Stoke, they knew that going in, but it has proved to be the turning point in perceptions of what Arsenal fans are actually like.

Above is a video of the disgusting abuse that Arsene Wenger received upon entering Stoke railway station after the game on Saturday. The anger in their voices is evident, but the disrespect they show to one of the most visionary and forward thinking coaches the Premier League has ever known just negates the whole thing.

It’s frustrating not winning trophies, but there are many clubs in much worse positions who can tell you the same thing. Arsenal are actually in a privileged position in that they will never have to suffer the dangers of relegation, and a bad season for them is finishing fifth.

But that’s academic, and relative.

Arsenal fans have a precarious reputation as it is, and the video above – also filmed after the defeat to Stoke – will not help dispel that in any way. Passions run high in the stands, and that’s no bad thing, but you’d have hoped that they would have learnt to talk to each other without screaming by now.

And what if they get their wish and Wenger leaves? The following week they’d be applauding him, calling him a legend and wishing him luck. What they won’t realise is that they will struggle to come off the back of such a dynasty, just like Man United did when Ferguson left, and to a lesser extent, the way Bolton and Charlton did without Allardyce and Curbishley.

For fans of other clubs, though, this is all rather amusing, that a club so lucky and well off in the current footballing climate can be so angry at a man who hasn’t won them a trophy in six months.

It’s often said that football fans are a fickle bunch, and these fans certainly add a whole new light into what that means with this disgraceful behaviour.

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