Raheem Sterling’s Celebration For Liverpool Goal Explained!

The origins of Raheem Sterling’s unique celebration appear to have been uncovered.

We are going through something of a dry spell for football celebrations recently. Cristiano Ronaldo is desperately trying to get his rubbish jumping-with-a-straight-back one to catch on; which it has, but only amongst those trying to mock the Portuguese forward.

Meanwhile Gareth Bale’s lame heart hands have also spread around a bit, but there’s a dearth of original and memorable goal celebrations around.

Raheem Sterling scored again on Wednesday night against after a long drought, and brought out a celebration he debuted last year, making a W shape with his hand in front of his face.

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There has been speculation over the meaning behind the gesture, and that appears to have been settled by the England attacker’s Twitter account.

Today the 20-year-old retweeted this:

Confirming that the celebration is indeed a reference to the “Gaza” area of Kingston, Jamaica, where Sterling was born.

The gesture has its origin with dancehall musicians and record labels, and has also been used by Usain Bolt in the past.

gaza bolt

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