Opinion: Why The Premier League Doesn’t Need A Winter Break

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Why the Premier League doesn’t need a winter break.

England’s failures at major tournaments are often cited down to fatigue after a long and full on Premier League season. It’s star players suffer burnout thanks to 38 gruelling league games and however many else in domestic and European cup competitions, but this is, of course, complete rubbish.

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England’s failure at major tournaments is down to the structural problems the gama, and more importantly, the FA has from the ground up. Their players aren’t good enough, not too tired.

Professional footballers are a very lucky breed. Sure they have to make sacrifices, but they get to use to world’s best equipment to keep themselves in peak physical condition whilst the rest of us struggle to get out of a chair without making a nice like an old man nursing a gunshot wound.

The best part about this, is that they work only three hours a day before being given the rest of the day off. Yes, after they’ve finished honing their impressive physiques, they get to do whatever they want, and they get paid literally millions of pounds to do so.

One of the best things about the Premier League is its ferocity, especially at Christmas. Everyone is home, family and friends are everywhere, and usually that will involve a trip to the football.

Though football fandom is still tribal, it’s increasingly becoming family friendly, and what’s better than heading to a game with you’re nearest and dearest?

Season’s are often shaped by how well a club’s festive period plays out. This is the Premier League, it’s not meant to be easy, and if the games are coming thick and fast and you can’t handle it then you’re obviously not cut out for life in the English top flight.

So though foreign managers may tell you differently, the league doesn’t need a winter break, it’s simply not part of the game’s DNA. Football was founded to help combat boredom during the long winter months, why would we change that now?

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