Man United’s Wayne Rooney Fears Only Injury Will Enforce Premier League winter Break

Rooney wants punishing festive schedule changed before someone gets hurt.

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney has begged the Premier League to scrap its long standing tradition of playing two games in 48 hours over the Christmas period before a player suffers a serious injury, the Daily Star reports.

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The England skipper said that the pressure to perform in such a short space of time takes its toll on players and it won’t be long before the injury list starts to pile up.

“It is not easy playing two games in two days and you do lose a lot of the quality from both teams. It is difficult,” he said.

“We started so well first half but in the second half it was tough and hopefully in the future it has to change because it is tough.

“It will probably take someone getting a really bad injury from doing it (playing twice in two days), which no-one wants to see but it is very demanding and I think it does need looking at.”

“As a player you want to play, it is tough, but you want to play and try and help the team win.

“If you look at all the games today towards the end then they will all lose a lot of quality.”

Rooney joined in the protest for a prolonged winter break following United’s goalless draw with Spurs on Sunday, in which the Red Devils visibly diminished during the second half.

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