Sacked Manchester United Scout Slams Club After Racism Accusations

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Aakjaer believes the club weren’t prepared to back him.

Torben Aakjaer was sacked as a Manchester United scout on Wednesday after making racist comments on Facebook, but now the Dane has hit back at the club.

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Aakjaer made derogatory remarks about Eastern Europeans and Muslims and was immediately removed from his position at Old Trafford as a result.

Yet the 32-year-old says the only reason the Red Devils did this was because they were scared to face the negative publicity that would have come if they defended him.

“I do understand if people are offended by that comment [calling Eastern Europeans dirt and sh..], but I think it’s just my statement to the article linked to.

“It’s not a racist comment. But I do understand Manchester United terminating my contract when they get it presented this way,” Aakjaer told Danish newspaper BT.

“I have expressed my opinion and I have always protected my right to do so. Those things that have been said and written after my comments were published is not how I see myself.

“It’s been put forward as racist comments. If there was anything racist in my comments I’m sure Facebook would have deleted it or I would have been reported by people. But that has never happened.

“I don’t think they can live with the publicity about this. I recognise that some of my comments should have been put out better, but I do stand with the things I have written.”

Initially when Aakjaer was first contacted he claimed his account had been hacked and later that his quotes were mistranslated – suggesting he probably realised what he said was wrong.

He gave support to the right-wing party Dansk Folkeparti, agreeing with their sentiments about anti-immigration and making controversial claims about Muslims.

Aakjaer joined the United staff from Hamburg in 2011. Kick It Out have praised the 13-time Premier League champions for their quick sacking of the scout.

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