(Image) MLS Away Games Involve Huge Travelling Distances – But Which Team Has To Go The Furthest?

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New research has been conducted which shows how far MLS teams have to travel over the course of a season.

America is a big country… In fact, at 3,678,190 square miles it’s the fourth largest country in the world…

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Despite the MLS being split into an East and West Conference, the size of the US means MLS teams still have to do huge amounts of travelling (teams play other sides from their own conference twice, and sides from the opposite conference once).

A keen fan at Stumptown Footy has been working out which teams have the most gruelling schedule.

Here’s the top 3:

3) Portland Timbers – 41,448 miles

2) Orlando City – 43,803 miles

1) Vancouver Whitecaps – 45,661 miles

The site also published a map of Vancouver’s season-long travels:


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