(Video) Serena Williams Looks Like Annoying Sugar-Fuelled Child As She Celebrates Australian Open Win

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Serena goes crazy after making history!

(Video) Serena Williams wins Australian Open after beating Maria Sharapova.
Twelve Hot Photos Of Serena Williams & Maria Sharapova – Australian Open Finalists & Two Of Tennis’ Fittest Women.

On almost every long-distance train journey you will find a hyperactive child bouncing around the aisles, because their poor mother, who simply cannot cope, has loaded them with way too many sweets.

When Serena Williams beat Maria Sharapova 6-3 7-6 to win her sixth Australian Open singles title on Saturday, she celebrated just like one of those annoying kids…

To be fair to Serena, we can understand her freaking out. After all, she had just won her NINETEENTH Grand Slam singles title!

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