Virgin Attempt To Block Multi-Billion Pound Premier League Auction Fails

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Ofcom to reject bid to block multi-billion pound rights auction…
Media regulator Ofcom will today reject a bid from Virgin Media to halt the multi-billion pound bidding war between BT and Sky for Premier League broadcasting rights according to the Telegraph.

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The body is widely expected to rebuff the request by the cable TV operator to use its special emergency power to try and block the heavyweight war of riches between Sky and BT in a bid to level the playing field.

Virgin had hoped Ofcom would use their powers under the Competition Act to take action to protect consumers but it is thought that this will be rejected as there are not sufficient grounds to block it.

The cable TV provider who does not itself participate in the auction but does pay a fee to be allowed to broadcast both Sky Sports and BT Sport had claimed that the auction causes inflation which is harmful to the consumer as it leads to them paying more for the service.

This will be the second time both broadcasting heavyweights have gone head to head over the Premier League football rights and experts believe both parties will buy roughly the same proportion of matches as three years ago.

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