Former Wayne Rooney Vice Girl Helen Wood Tells All About Losing Virginity At 14: Big Brother Winner’s Tale Is Very Grim

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Big Brother winner Helen Wood – the former prostitute who once had a threesome with Manchester United star Wayne Rooney – has revealed that she lost her virginity aged 14.

Wood, who became a mother at 16, told her graphic tale in a column in the Daily Star.

Below is a snippet from the article, which is not for the fainthearted…

“So, I’m 12, thinking jizz is black and not understanding how a penis goes into the front bum when it’s like a small cocktail sausage. Still innocent. Two sodding years later, I stupidally have sex myself.

“I lied to my folks about where I was going, my friend’s parents went along with the lie (nice), and allowed me and my mate to drink at the pub with older lads.

“Doesn’t take a genius to work out what happened next: virginity taken, innoncence demolished, then the embarrassment of EVERYONE at school knowing what I had done at the weekend.”

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