Why Record Breaking £5.1bn Premier League TV Rights Could Mean Wait For English Champions League Winner Will Go On

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The entertainment factor will continue, but we may have to wait longer for a Champions League winner from Enland…

The Premier League have announced record breaking TV rights with Sky and BT winning an auction to land the contract which allows them to televise the most exciting league in the world.

It seems like the case of the chicken and egg in terms of the huge sums of money involved in these deals along with why the Premier League is such a prized asset for these multi-billion pound companies.

The way the Premier League distributes the finances it receives differs to the policy taken by other nations, with all clubs are given a set amount, currently £52.2m (via Daily Mail).

This is a commendable policy as it keeps the competition level up and is also the basis as to why the Premier League is renowned as the most exciting in the world – which subsequently generates such revenue from TV rights.

However, if it was to adopt the same method of approach other nations do, then the top Premier League clubs would be entitled to more money due to the level of audience they attract.

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At the end of last season, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City were missing out on approximately £70m per season, according to the Daily Mail report, due to policy taken by the Premier League.

In Spain, there is clear monopoly in terms of the rights with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid able to negotiate their own separate deals, which maintains the status-quo.

Along with their sponsorship revenue, it is clear as to why La Liga is regularly contested by those two clubs, bar the odd exception to the rule (i.e Valencia and Atletico Madrid).

The negative side of the Premier League’s policy is evident when viewing the recent history in the Champions League.

Every year, debate intensifies as to why the Premier League has fallen behind other major European leagues despite the huge sums of money in the game on these shores.

The last two finals for example were striking; an all German affair in 2o13 between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund and an all Spanish one in 2014 between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

In both cases, the favourite prevailed, which prompted outcry from critics that the game in England is a way behind its competitors. But the obvious observation is that the Premier League lacks what you would describe as a ‘super club’. A Bayern Munich, A Real Madrid/Barcelona or what Paris Saint-Germain will inevitably become.

Top players have a variety of choice when choosing to come to the Premier League as oppose to one or two clubs in another leagues. This therefore demolishes the theory of homogenising the talent pool and is a reason why we have yet to see a team possess the quality that a Barcelona do for example. Just comprehend, will we ever witness a Neymar, Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi type trio at one Premier League club?

The new deals enhance the lucrative nature of the English game, but it may hurt the success our clubs have in Europe which will have its own negative consequences.


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