Get Ahead of the Game This Valentine’s: The Mathematics of Love

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Looking to cheat the odds in the game of love?

Do you waste a few quid betting on your team to win? Do you do the pools? Have you ever won big?

You may be surprised to hear that the same Mathematical insight you presumably access before placing that flutter could help you win in the game of love.

The Mathematics of Love, by Hannah Fry, is an interesting read that brings to mind other non-fiction tomes on the art of using a statistical approach to resolving seemingly non-scientific matters, be they winning the Baseball World Series (Moneyball) or dealing with a whole manner of life-changing topics (Freakonomics).

In her efforts to educate you on how a mathematical approach can be key to your approach to dating you will be glad to know that Fry asserts early on that being ugly might ‘work in your favour’ and perhaps doubly happy to hear that when looking for a partner, that bald patch could actually help make you stand out among an array of profile photos.

Fry is a mathematician and as such you would do well to hear what she has to say about key calculations involved when Miss Right is looking for a significant other, or indeed vice-versa.

Much like with Freakonomics, Fry is wise enough to not drown the reader in jargon, opting instead to treat the reader as the layman they most likely are.

Fry discusses the whole gambit of relationship related issues from dating sites to divorce, sex to marriage, using mathematical formulas to help us get a grip on intensely complex questions.

Dr Fry delves into those potentially game-changing moments which could either spell the end of your brief liaison or set you up for life.

Cleverly the release of the Mathematics of Love coincides with the upcoming ‘love-fest’ that is Valentine’s Day, which as your fixture list will tell you is a Saturday where you’d no doubt be planning to watch your side in action, and you’d do well to bring a copy of this book to peruse at half-time ahead of your Saturday night out!