(Image) Chivas Reply To Veracruz Attack In Ongoing Spat

The social media war between Chivas and Veracruz rumbles on…

Attacking Chivas through social media is getting more common every day, but the ‘war’ between Chivas and Veracruz doesn’t seem to stop.

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A few days ago Veracruz suggested Chivas were women, with the club posting a picture of their opponents players as a poker hand of Queens. The also displayed their own team as a hand of aces.

Chivas failed to see the funny side.

The club have now used Twitter to share a photo of the female staff of their institution, including their psychologist, chief administrator, and head nutritionist.

The photo includes the following message from club President Nestor de la Torre: “They are the real queens of our club: women who work every day to make us stronger.”

We await Veracruz’s response!

The two teams are set to play each other this weekend.

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