Chelsea Fan Denies Paris Metro Incident Was Racism; Says Song Was About John Terry

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Blues supporter says songs were about John Terry.

A Chelsea fan who witnessed the shocking events on a Paris Metro train which saw a black man prevented from boarding says the incident wasn’t racist.

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Mitchell McCoy, who was amongst the 40 or 50 Chelsea fans on the train, claims fans were only singing songs about their club captain John Terry and that the only reason the passenger was blocked entry was because the train was full.

McCoy was named on Twitter as present on the train and whilst the 17 year old admits as much he says he’s not in the video.

He does, however, say he was in the same carriage whilst travelling with five friends to the game with Paris Saint Germain.

“I’m not in the video but I’m on the carriage. We got on the train and at the station where the man was trying to get on we stopped for a couple of minutes,” McCoy told Press Association Sport, via BT Sport.

“He tried to get on and a few people were pushing him off because there wasn’t much space on the carriage. You couldn’t move.

“People were saying it was because he was black. It’s not true at all. I personally think it’s because he was a PSG fan. Obviously they didn’t want him anywhere with us.

“That guy in the video tried to force himself on, so they pushed him off.”

However, McCoy also says chants of “We’re racist and that’s the way we like it”, which can clearly be heard in the footage, were not being directed at the passenger, claiming it’s a song about John Terry.

Terry was banned for four matches for racially abusing Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand in October 2012 however a regulatory commission eventually said the former England skipper was “not a racist”.

“That song was about John Terry. The only words I know is ‘he’s a racist, he’s a racist’ and I don’t know the rest.”

“I’m not sure. I didn’t sing it,” he said when asked why the song was sung in front of a black person.

“It wasn’t just that one time that it happened. It wasn’t just with the black people that we weren’t letting on.

“There was white people, women that people weren’t allowing on. There was no space.

“They were saying, ‘You can’t get on this carriage, you have to go somewhere else’.”

McCoy adds that he was only implicated for “a stupid tweet I did last night…” and says that he isn’t worried about criminal prosecution because he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Chelsea have vowed action in response to the event, which includes banning orders, whilst the footage has been widely condemned by UEFA and the FA amongst others.

See the video in question below:

Can you identify any of the Chelsea fans allegedly involved?

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