Daily Mail Journalist Attacks Fans In Bizarre Anti-Arsenal Rant

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The Daily Mail has never been a beacon of quality journalism.

The Daily Mail appears to have sunk to a new low as journalist Adrian Durham launches an astonishing attack on Arsenal.

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While Gunners fans might feel they have good reason to have become slightly disillusioned over recent seasons, they are still the current FA Cup holders and haven’t missed a Champions League campaign since the 1990s.

In Durham’s bizarre article, he says “[the fans] aim is to convince anyone gullible enough… that Arsenal are still a serious force at the top level of the beautiful game.”

“Did I just hear someone compare Coquelin to Patrick Vieira? Next they’ll be claiming he’s better than Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic put together.

“They don’t win big trophies, so in order to try to keep themselves in the picture… they have to over-promote their players on a rotation basis beyond their true abilities.”

He’s a snapshot of the headline:


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